What’s The Best Way To Handle Your Divorce: With Mediation Or In Court?

For the people working at Law Missouri Divorce the decision to get a divorce on itself is one the most difficult ones that a couple takes after sharing time with a loved one that no longer is in the same page as you. Many people think that once the decision is made the hard part has already passed, but the hard truth is that the settlement is one of the worst parts of the entire process. Deciding how the divorce will be handled can be a very delicate and touchy subject, and the best both parties can do to make everything go smoother is to decide between mediation or settlement in court right of the bat with their lawyers.

Since the topic here is the choice of mediation over court settlement we at Law Missouri Divorce are willing to shed some light in the concepts and the roles that counselors play in the way to embrace a divorce in both scenarios. Pay attention to the following tips:

What is a Lawyer’s Role in a Divorce?

The central role of a lawyer is to advocate for the interest of one of the parties in a marriage that has come to an end on personal terms and needs to be dissolved in legal grounds. Both parties hire attorneys to seek the most favorable deal on their behalf, and a divorce lawyer can only represent one of them to avoid any bias. Most of the time the lawyers establish negotiations on their clients’ name to set the terms of the separation. When an agreement can’t be reached because one of the parties is unwilling to make concessions, the divorce will be handled by the family court system in a litigation process that usually takes money and time on both ends.

Why Could Mediation Be a Better Option?

Mediation between lawyers is not uncommon, and it’s usually the best way to resolve the legal matter regarding a divorce. Mediation on itself is not as expensive as going to court since both parties just pay for the legal fees of their lawyers and it can go pretty quick if both of them have reached some sort of private understanding about how the distribution of assets should go. Mediation can often involve a third party aside from the lawyers to reach agreements if there are details that need to be worked out. The role of a third mediator is to help the people involved in a divorce conflict reach an agreement.

Mediation to Avoid Court Expenses

For the team working at Law Missouri Divorce the main reason to go through a mediation settlement for couples seeking a divorce has to do with finance most of the time. A divorce dispute can get pretty ugly even with professional lawyers on both ends. The role of the mediator is to get both parties to understand their footing given their conditions. Mediation can also help reach good anegotiation terms as well as mutually-accepted agreements on issues that could prove to be particularly challenging if the separating partners don’t have previous legal agreements like pre-nuptial contracts. In the end, the role of the counselors and the mediation will be determined by the willingness of the spouses to reach an agreement.

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